Pushing Boundaries: Inventing for Life!

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Today December 1, I am  thankful and am celebrating many many things,  it is also today that I have attended the very first media appreciation lunch (laboratory themed)  for the Christmas Season care of the guys from MSD.   Apparently, what they do at MSD is push boundaries, of science with the hope and expectation that the medicines and vaccines that they invent will lead to better health for  society, for generations to come.

During the program, MSD President, Dr. Beaver Tamesis, asked all of us, what is it that is available now which may not have been available maybe 10 years ago -people raised their hand and answered, “The Internet” . The emcee with the lab gown and glasses asked everyone again during his segment  “What inventions can’t we wait for?”  Different people answered, some said a Pill that can slim you down even if you eat a lot and you don’t do exercise, another media representative said a Time Machine so they could go back through time and maybe play with your childhood friend who you have probably lost or may have passed away.  While some of these may still be in the drawing board, the good news is that MSD is there and is not stopping at discovering and innovating and inventing.  Creating hope, creating possibilities that can prolong life and vanish disease especially for the coming generations, for our children and our children’s children.

On a less serious note, the event was really fun, in fact I even got to join in one of the team games where we had to separate the different-colored M&Ms in different plates in record time.  We’ll, our team went slooo-wer than usual, we lost but we still got to bring home some goodies.  End of the day we did have fun!!


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