My sister, Mherl and I love coffee.  It’s a picker-upper for us especially with all the stuff we do as a working mom plus of course the regular and unending chores, more coffee is needed to survive the day.  My sister takes 4-5cups a day, and me, about 3, that’s

World AIDS Day and I Got Shot!!!

One lazy weekend afternoon, while my partner and I were browsing through our emails and our social media, she showed me an invitation to join an activity, I said alright we'd join and asked what I should do.  She said I just had to answer some questionnaire, so I read

Pushing Boundaries: Inventing for Life!

Today December 1, I am  thankful and am celebrating many many things,  it is also today that I have attended the very first media appreciation lunch (laboratory themed)  for the Christmas Season care of the guys from MSD.   Apparently, what they do at MSD is push boundaries, of science with


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