Vivo V9: Ravishingly Elegant Velvet Red

Red represents a myriad of emotions and occasions from both ends of the spectrum.  Calling red as a head-turner is an understatement. No color has the same impact as red. But global smartphone brand Vivo owns the color by highlighting its elegance that transcends trends. Vivo has released its flagship smartphone,


I am a proud proud product of the Sulaiman Boutique, after all I was named after the actual boutique that was quite popular in the 70’s, a legacy to be exact. I love the artistry and craft of accessories like rings, earrings, bangles, pendants, that my mom Liza, my dad

World AIDS Day and I Got Shot!!!

One lazy weekend afternoon, while my partner and I were browsing through our emails and our social media, she showed me an invitation to join an activity, I said alright we'd join and asked what I should do.  She said I just had to answer some questionnaire, so I read