Anak ng Tokwa!!!!

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We attended a media event  for a well-known camera brand the other day,  the event I would say was pretty fine, the organizers and the PR team were very nice, the venue was great, it was in one of the corners of Makati Avenue you wouldn’t really know about, the venue encourages art and creativity… you know, the place where you can possibly have a more risque’ book launch that could feature naked women and could be left there on display even for a week.

They had a great bar, that served great drinks.  Very accommodating bar staff, young and perky Millenials and they have a great drink line-up well.  I had myself a Jager-rita (Yay-ger-rita) the whole night… basically a Jagermeister shaken in a cold canister and served in a margarita glass with the salt on the rim and nothing else and  as I’ve looked it up only now ( after all of these years of drinking it) via my friend Mr. Google, via Wikipedia,  apparently, its 35% alcohol by volume (60 degrees proof, or US 70 proof)… now just now.. i laugh aloud and just say “o yay! kaya pala!”

But that isn’t really why I’m writing, right? It really is all about this tofu that we got served!  Look at the photos, what seems to be problem?

a:  wrongfully angled photo that still shows that the plate is too damn big

b:  the white plate they used for  serving the pass-around pica-pica is obviously too big a plating for the 2 inch x 1.5 inch breaded tofu (it’s like your id photo

c:  the cutlery that they use are far too big or does not even match what they are serving

d:  all of the above?

Apart from all of that, the tofu, even if it is the same as your ID photo size, still will not satisfy the palate, because when you have already taken apart all the breading it will already taste FLAT in the middle of all the white soya, “Anak ng Tokwa!! lasa nang taho diba?”  I hope Dulo MNL can do something about this before we schedule an event there soon.





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