“E di WOW for Shakeys!”

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For starters, it was an epic fail!  We were not wowed!  And this was even my favourite pizza joint.  It was too early for my favourite pizza, it wasn’t event lunch yet, and so given the menu, I opted to order the Super Platter Meal that had what looked on the menu was a super tasty crunchy Garden Fresh Salad that seemed it could be shared by two people,  Chicken N’ Corn Soup with some fried potato stings on top, 1 pc Chicken, 2 pcs Mojos, and 2 Slices of Hawaiian Pizza,  my companion, Aileen on the other hand had the Bunch o’ Lunch which had 1 pc Chicken, a portion of Spaghetti, 2 pcs Mojos, 1 slice of Hawaiian Pizza.  Shakey’s made us VERY SAD that morning eating something that is already losing it’s quality and it was even quite pricey.  We understand that their main business is really Pizza, but if you are putting these other items on your menu then you should at least give some justice to it especially because people are paying for your quality of food.

Just look at this menu card on top of the table, looks sumptuous but NOT!!!  The soup, when it came was not that hot and sad to say was pretty starchy with lumps.  Basic food service rule – hot food should be served hot and cold food should be served cold, and not anything in between.  The potato crunch on top was suppose to add a little more ooomph! to the soup, but that too, FAILED.


The Garden Salad seemed to be okay in the photo, looked like this in real life (middle photo), it had 2 pieces of lettuce and several slices of cucumber that were not pretty good to serve anymore, and supposedly some croutons on top that are of course remnants of some dough that didn’t make it as a pizza.  The chicken, which is supposed be good because I really liked chicken from Shakey’s, second to Pancake House, was a total FLOP, it might have been stored from a day or two ago and reheated, same goes with the Mojo’s. The Hawaiian Pizza had too many pineapple tidbits, quite more in number than the ham.  And the gravy for the chicken, I no longer have words for it but….SUPER SAD 🙁

Why have we come to this? Why does their management let things like this happen?  And, they even want to encourage getting feedbacks with their “Did we wow you today campaign?” complete with the QR code deal.  Maybe what Shakey’s needs to do is an overhaul, an assessment or a Brand Audit to be done by several non-Shakeys employees who need to go and visit a number of Shakey’s stores, audit their food, their service, the store’s cleanliness, the back of store status, delivery, customer service, etc.  Please don’t let Shakey’s die!  Please try and wow us again soon!!



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