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Everyone was dumbfounded with the news.  I couldn’t even believe it.  It was the headline everywhere, and everyone online was reacting to it with horrific surprise.  Anthony Bourdain, culinary rockstar, my idol, and my crush…. gone! and gave up on it!!! But why?  Everyone is just asking why?  He seemed very strong-willed, so sure of himself, always in command of everything, always in charge.  I followed him through all of his TV shows – Parts Unknown, No Reservations, The Layover, and Top Chef.  When I learned he was in the country and was actually being interviewed by my very own aunt, Sol Vanzi, I told myself, it could be possible for me to meet him too!  Somehow he did remind me of my old uncle Vic, tall and good looking, very relatable, no fuzz kind of guy, who travels from country to country sampling the local cuisine to the point of possibly getting some stomach ulcers.  He seemed very brave and confident.  

I say reach out guys, talk to someone, anyone! Do not let yourself be left alone!  Do not be ashamed to ask for help!  Do not be ashamed to admit that you need somebody, somebody to talk to.  Yes it is a crazy world out there.  Some of us are stronger than others.  For the stronger ones…. learn to listen….



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Sue Jose
I love the sun and the outdoors minus the bugs, i love good movies, original series' that i binge on and books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and other Asian authors, i love watching advertisements and how they are made, and i love writing about everything under the sun that makes sense and sometimes even those that don't .... i wish to go to the beach more often and i love long drives .............

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