Healthier Snack Options at the Salad Bar in Glorietta 4, Food Choices

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Did you frequent that burger and fries fastfood restaurant that had a salad bar where crafty Pinoys created their salad in 2 feet high towers?  Thinking about it now, I don’t really know how they were able to eat that or mix that all together even.  And I hope that they were able to eat all of it otherwise it would have been a waste.  Nowadays, when you go to that restaurant, they no longer let the customers build their towers of salad, it has already been pre-packed as well as the dressing.  Times do change.

Filipinos nowadays have actually learned to become healthier in their lifestyle as well as their food choices, because of this, entrepreneurs have ventured into putting up food outlets that serve healthier food options just like Salad Bar.  I recently visited their outlet at the Food Choices at Glorietta 4 Food Court and brought the whole gang with me to help me sample the salad.

I got some greens, skipped the mushrooms and the onions and got the plastic bin loaded with fruits and macaroni.  We skipped the dressing too and instead put some tiny bits of what should’ve been croutons that must’ve come from a foil pack.  It was a match!  A salad bin of 100grams costs around P30, and of course if you go beyond that then you naturally just have to pay more.  Its a way also of teaching us Pinoys how not to waste and be able to unlearn the 2 feet salad towers that we had back then.

Overall, the fresh greens and fruits at Salad Bar, Glorietta 4 was pretty refreshing and is indeed a healthier snack compared to cholesterol loaded burgers, fries and pizza.  I guess we should familiarize our kids with these healthier options for a healthier lifestyle.

 Grab your freshies at the Salad Bar at the following locations:

Food Choices, Glorietta 4 #SaladBarPhGlorietta

FoodHall, 3rd Floor, Zuellig Building #SaladBarPhZuellig

Robinsons Summit Branch Food Hall, 7th floor, Robinsons Summit Building #SaladBarPhRobinsonsSummit

GT branch Food And Art Galerie, 12 F #SaladBarPhGTtower

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