Pastilang Pastrami Sandwich!

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These early December mornings have gotten quite chilly and so the answer is COFFEE!!!  I was at a meeting the other day,rather, waiting for the meeting to happen while a client was still finishing up with their Graphic Novel judging of entries and so while they were still quite busy, I made the run for coffee and the only place I could afford was downstairs at Zoo Coffee at the mall area.

They had a very nice ambience, nice furniture and cute fuzzy stuffed zoo animals.  The also have a very nice counter and I would say quite a variety of offerings.  I didn’t actually know what to choose, I had to ask the staff at the counter what their bestseller was, he directed me towards a mini poster at the counter and said that I wouldn’t go wrong with the Beef Pastrami Sandwich.  And so I did, I ordered it.  I got the meal, which mean I got the Beef Pastrami Sandwich, together with a salad and some sort of mini salad because it was in a small bowl of sorts.  The coffee, an Americano was separate, separately charged and was not part of the said meal.Growing reasonably hungry waiting for my order, I took a few pictures of the coffee shop.  Then my order came…my Beef Pastrami Sandwich Meal (Please see featured photo on top).  My fist reaction – Disappointed!  In my disappointment, I approached the counter with half of my sandwich, and the conversation went like this:

ME:  Ah, excuse me, may I ask what sandwich is this that you served me?

COUNTER PERSONNEL:  (Seemingly surprised)  Uh… Beef Pastrami Sandwich (with conviction).  That was what you have ordered ma’am.

ME:  Really?  Is this really a Beef Pastrami Sandwich?  (with a big question mark on my already famished face)… “Ang Layo ah”  (I said as I left the counter, went back to my high chair and ate quietly… sipped my coffee.. blech!! it doesn’t even taste like a regular Americano and it doesn’t seem to be worth P100… I make better coffee..  oh well.  time is up…have to go back up to the meeting.. then again, I did not finish my sandwich.  And so again, I had to approach the counter..


ME:  Excuse me, may I please have this for take out?

COUNTER PERSONNEL:  Alright Ma’am (gets the plate, gets the sandwich with a thong  and puts it in a paper bag).

ME:  (Looking inside the paper bag, looking disappointed)  Sir, excuse me po, ganito lang po ba ito? Paper bag lang talaga? ( I was hoping maybe a] they’d put it in a plastic bag and then the paper bag; b] they’d put in foil wrap and then the paper bag c] they’d wrap it in shrink wrap or saran wrap and then the paper bag so that the oils or the dressing would not seep out of the paper bag and leave its residue in my crowded bag…


ME:  Kasi po ilalagay ko sya sa loob ng bag ko, syempre it has some dressing baka mamaya “magsabaw” at tumapon sa bag ko

COUNTER PERSONNEL:  Okay lang po yun ma’am!  Wala naman pong kasamang sabaw ang sandwich namin! (smiles at me afterwards)

ME:  (Syempre pa nagusot ang mukha ko sa ines!).. I turn around..pick up my bag and just say hmnnnpp! and in my mind I said Duuuhhh! Pastilang Pastrami yan o!!

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