Fabulous Hair with Crochet Braids!!

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It is a challenge waking up every morning and prepping my daughter for school. Yes, she is in Senior high already but we have gone accustomed with assisting her every time, she is after all our princess and she’s my mini-me.  Part of prepping up is of course is a quick breakfast and fixing her long hair.  Her hair extends beyond the shoulders, and about middle of the back.

Recently, we have been doing braids every morning, and it’s quite tedious and time consuming especially with the limited time that we have.  But my teener cannot go to school with bad hair, or if in case she does, then she ends up putting it in a bun the whole day.  When I was the one going to school myself, me, my sister and my mom, we all had very long hair and so my mom then made sure that we knew how to fix our hair even when she was not around.  We learned to do the simple braids, the French braid and all other more intricate braiding we learned from our classmates from high school back in the day.  There are so many braid styles that you can create, it’s always possible to have that exclusive braid style that keeps heads turning.  That was a long time ago, now with my own kid, I guess I have to freshen up my braiding skills and even have to update myself with the latest trends.  True, braids are fairly low maintenance you do it in the morning and that holds for the rest of the day.  Or if you still have somewhere to go to after the you can remove your braid and expose your beautiful curls.

Thank God of course to social media, I can  look at braiding styles and instructions on line.  I even discovered the divatress.com where you can find African braid style, a special braided up-do, crisscrossed cornrows or maybe a braid bun, then Kanekalon Jumbo Braids or X-Pression Ultra Braids may be the braiding hair choice for you.   The also have the braiding accessories and tools that will surely improve my braiding skills and my truly look very unique.  What’s more, is that I have discovered that they even have what they call Crochet braids!  And I thought crocheting was only a Home Economics project in school, apparently you can also use it for your hair too.  I’ve seen the process via video in Youtube, and they really have the hook, there is thread and even a needle-like thing.  Like you first create a full braid and then you crochet the extensions or the curls onto your existing hair…sooo cool!!!  Crochet braids has made getting braid hairstyles easier than ever.  There’s an abundance of choices in crochet braid styles today, from Wavy Faux Locs and Goddess Locs to Water Waves to all different kinds of Box Braids.  If installed properly, no one would ever know you’re wearing crochet braids.  Many of the crochet braids now come with pre-looped holes which make loop braids that much easier to install.  Many of the popular styles are now coming with this feature so there’s no shortage in style choices.  This nice little invention can save you time and sweat!

At Divatress, you’ll find all these fore mentioned braids in their amazing selection of braids that you’re sure to love. Their selection of braiding hair can be customized to create truly unique look that sets you apart from the crowd.  No matter your taste, you’ll find the braids that match your personal style or personality. They offer amazing braiding hair from brands like Vivica A. Fox, FreeTress, Outre X-Pression, Janet Collection and more.  Shop Divatress braiding hair collection today!

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