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It’s been a monstrously busy couple of weeks for me as well as my sister, Mherl Crystal.  Hours and hours of planning, strategising and coordinating for an event, dealing with suppliers, production teams, the media, and handling the dailies for the Social Media requirements and marketing as well as promotions for several clients, apart from the usual knocks and bumps of my usual monster mom role – running the house, meal planning, maintaining discipline and order (‘parang sgt at arms lang”), as well as the cleanliness (“parang housekeeping manager lang”) worrying about the bills, the rent, school fees/tuition, and then paying for it, taking care of our 3 furry pets and sometimes, or more often nowadays taking care of my grandson in his terrible twos. Pak!  My sister, Mherl, on the other hand, spends hours and hours on her feet, for about 6 days a week, in her 3-inch heels while selling the most popular brand of pearls in town.  Let us not forget her other monster mom duties at home too.  Truly  and equally stressful, and she comes home with very tired feet, legs and painful back.  It was really such great news to us when tita Aileen said she had a Mother’s Day thingy for the both of us – we were to represent her for a spa review – The Keesh Wellness Spa in Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village in Quezon City.  We would like to acknowledge also Jayson Biadog for the opportunity.  Thank you for the perfect day off! A one-hour whole-body massage + a facial. Divine!!!!

Excited, me and my sister got on a Grab and sped off to Maginhawa! The trip was pretty short, we weren’t finished updating each other with the usual “chizmiax” when we arrived at the spa.  Keesh Wellness Spa wasn’t hard to find, it’s at #97 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, QC.  They’re at the 2nd Floor of Zaril, a gift shop at the heart of the very popular Maginhawa St., where you can find the best hang out places and food spots in the QC area.  They’re beside the building where you can find Anytime Fitness, and across would be Central Food Park.  The entrance to Keesh Wellness Spa is at the driveway beside Zaril, we actually had to look for the door that led to the stairway going up.  Yeah, they do need a signage downstairs, as well as their windows at the 2nd floor that can be seen from the street to pull in more people, “work is underway” according to Ms. Keith, the owner and operations manager. 

Keesh Wellness Spa is a pretty cozy place, not too busy, not too plush and intimidating, and not at all shabby – very calm ambience with the scent of peppermint welcoming you at the door – Heaven!! Truly Keesh Wellness Spa is the perfect place for burnt out Monster Moms like us.  Ms. Keith welcomed us in, gave the usual briefing, we filled out some data sheets and then introduced us to our therapists.  I had to say bye-bye to  my sister for the meantime, we both had to  prep for the 1-hour whole body massage.

Room temp just fine – check!  Relaxed ambient sound – check! Dimmed lighting – check! Just the right ambience – check! And ohhh the smell of peppermint! – check!  Clean and sanitary massage bed, pillows and sheets – “check na check!”  Time to relax and shut out the world for a whole hour.  This is it! 

Tensed shoulders, aching lower back, tired hands and feet…. Relief!  “If only we can do this everyday… or every week at least”, I thought out loud.  I could hear my sister from the other side agreeing, seems she also had a great time.  Next Treat:  Facials!

My short history of facials from several different salons and some facial clinics reminded me of pain instead of relaxation. I always end up teary-eyed and in pain because of all the pricking and popping or even mishandling.  I didn’t like it and therefore I stopped having facials in the salon and started doing it on my own ala DIY.  Yes, yes I do have the pricking and the popping, good thing the girl handling my face did quite a good job.  Of course i had deep seated black heads which were hard to clean out, but nevertheless it was much less painful compared to the facial salon I used to go to.  I even had a seaweed mask after the deep cleansing.  My sister on the other hand, had collagen on her face.  Different skin types I guess.

Definitely an afternoon well spent.  Well enjoyed!  Thanks again to Keesh Wellness Spa and Ms. Keith Ramones, the owner and operations manager,  Mr. Jayson Biadog and Aileen Siwa for the arrangements, and my sister Mherl Crystal for the inputs.

KEESH WELLNESS SPA opened their services to the public during the last quarter of 2017,  they target mainly the B & C markets – mostly couples, families, and even students from the nearby universities.  They have so far worked around these markets creating special packages for students, some Free Referral Treatments, I’ve seen their price list, i tell you it’s quite affordable, and they even have very accommodating and professional therapists that you can count on.  You can even dial up for Home Service or even Spa Parties.  They are getting quite popular for their Swedish Massage, their  Bodyscrub and the Facial Treatments.  And for your friends or relatives celebrating their birthdays, you can even get them Gift Vouchers worth P500 for a 1-hour Body Massage and a Deep Cleansing Facial.  For more information, you can call 0915 626 2003.


Again, a toast to all Monster Moms!  Salute to all Mothers in all their pursuits!  Do not feel guilty to treat yourselves to a time out from the busy and stressful jungle out there!

Peace out!!




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