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Who are these kids and what the heck are they playing?  That’s what what originally popped on my thought bubble as we got ushered inside Upperhouse, at the 2nd floor of The Brewery at the Fort.  New kids, new sound, new musical styling, quite original and very OPM.  Yes, yes, of course they have foreign musical influences but they’re there, they created their own brand of stuff and they played it in a dim bar full of half intoxicated young adults, half-listening, half chatting, half busy with social media life – always multi-tasking their way in life.  Sometimes it pays to just sit down, relax, talk to your friends like for real and listen to original home-grown artists.

ORIGINALS ONLY. OO is an event that celebrates the diversity of OPM or Original Pilipino Music. It is a movement that supports all genres of OPM, providing a venue and opportunities for Pinoy artists, specifically,  to be able to showcase their original compositions and songs.  Mainstream media, and the establishments seldom celebrate the sub genres of our beautiful music due to commerciality or the absence thereof.  OO provides a supportive community for all of it’s artists and music.  Thanks to the efforts of artist extraordinaire Guji Lorenzana and his team, who is the brainchild of this passion project.  And because of that we get to experience and share how beautiful Original Pilipino Music can be even to the Global community beyond Upperhouse.  It always helps to put a face and a personality on a sound that you follow.  Kudos to the artists who played – #Mojofly #NicoleAsencio #MikeeMisalucha #MetroGroove #SundayRadio #Guji #DaneHipolito #EJdePerio #MarqDollente

Rediscover your favorite OPM artists and the new ones too and their original music at the Originals Only event!


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