The Apple iPhone X: It’s like Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

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I am an Apple user, I may not be that techie but after a while of learning the ropes, I tell you, I cannot use another android phone.  Just recently, we got lucky to be invited by Widget City to sample the most phenomenal Apple iPhone X.  Unboxing it was certainly an experience.  Very sleek and stylish, and it’s made of glass, both the front and the back – the almost all-screen, it’s like Cinderella’s glass slipper – sleek, stylish and amazingly phenomenal.  No doubt it topped the trending videos in YouTube Philippines when it started showing it product trailer.  Apple’s newest smartphone has a small window on top that houses the front camera and the necessary sensors but has no home button unlike the previous iPhone series.

It’s back and front scratch-resistant glass and a stainless-steel frame, but I wouldn’t risk not having a anything to protect it like a tempered glass and even a housing for the back.  If it unfortunately breaks then you just might lose your chance being saved by Prince Charming and instead scrubbing away the cinders in the kitchen forever! hahaha.  It had a SuperRetina HD with a screen size of 5.8inches (diagonal).

We started opening the phone and I tried doing the face ID and it was soooo fun!  You had to bob your head,you had to go left and right, you even had to go up and down until you finally finish the ID. Cool right!!  I heard about the “animojis” seen some people doing it on line, but never thought it would be so much fun doing it myself.  I tried several animals, the dog, the cat, the fox, there was even the alien, hahaha, I kept putting out my tongue and I kept forgetting that of course the animojis cannot extend a tongue but only read the facial muscles.  It’s even greater that you can record the animoji, save it and then send it later to a friend as a regular video, well, ideally that friend of yours should also have an iPhone and that his or her iPhone is an IOS11 version already.

I went to the camera, naturally wanted to try it out , it had the Rear 12MP (26mmf/1.8 and 52mm, 1/2.4 and a Front cam that is 7MP, 1/2.2 and it had the newest feature in Portrait Mode, portrait lighting produces impressive studio quality lighting effects.  In fact it I played around it and I hope you’ll like what I came up with.  There was the 1) Natural Light  2) Studio Light then there’s the 3) Contour Light  4) Stage Light  and the 5) Stage Light Mono “True Depth” camera that was so amazing!

We will be giving you more updates soon!!!

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