Ang Jeepney Chronicles ni Sue!

I commute every single day for the longest time, and the jeepney is, most of the time, my chosen means of transportation. I ride the jeep everyday. I ride the jeep to and from work. I ride the jeep actually 6 times in a day. 3 going to work and another 3 going home. I basically carpool, er ride the jeepney with 19 other people per jeepney ride x 6jeeps a day so thats a totak of 114 people interact with on a daily basis to and from work x 5days in a week, that mean 570 people in a week and a total of 2,280 people in a month or 27,360 in a year. That is the minimum number of people I get to interact with during my jeepney chronicles, people I share germs with, exchange glances with, or smirks with.

These people come from different walks of life, ethnicities, religion, political affiliation, gender assignments, fashion sense, dialects and many other classifications. A jeepney ride is just oozing with culture, of the latest chizmax, political opinion, and many more. I can say this because I have rode the jeepney so many times, reached so many destinations and have interacted with so many people in it. I have also listened.. er eavesdropped to so many stories, funny, annoying or painful. I have sometimes even shared stories with some other passengers. I have even revived an epileptic while she suddenly had her episode inside the jeep. She was sitting in front alongside the driver and I was at the back. I was the only passenger left. I can’t just let her die?

There really is a lot to do while inside the jeepney especially with Manila’s kind of traffic, i myself can attest to it and have done some of these things that i have listed down. Things you can do in a jeepney:

The Sleeping Beauty – some people just have a knack for it. Once the engine starts revving up and they’ve already paid their fare, people start dozing off either catching up for lost sleep, getting some nap-time funtime to save some energy for a later activity or simply just to while away traffic. Honestly ive enjoyed a lot of zzzzz in the jeep myself, sometimes because of it i have either went oast my destination by several kilometer away like just before Antipolo because i was too dmn tired or i woke up in panic thinking i went passed our village already but apparently was still short of about 3 kilometers hahahhha. And so i had to ride again. Darn it!

The Make up expert. Due to the heavy traffic at our place in Ortigas Ave extension. Me and my daugjter who goes to school in a university manila need to get up as early as 5am, prep our bfast to go, bathe, prep and run. We need to be on a jeep at 7-7:30am. If we lise that window then she wont make it to her 1st suject which is at 1030am. Ergo we don’t go fussing to much in the morning. Because of this i have learned to put on my daily light make up on the jeep, mind you including the kilay. With the traffic along Rosario, I’m proud to say I can have decent day wear make up. Steady hands do the trick!!

Breakfast to go. As mentioned earlier, we do prep our food in the morning to go and as soon as weve settled inand all or most of the passengers have paid their fare already and there are no arms wagging around our faces then its a good time for Breakfast on the Go. Name it weve tried it. Hotdog and eggs, bacon and eggs, tortang talong, dried pusit etc etc plus plain or fried rice if i have more time and of course hot coffee. Filling? Why yes of course, yummy? Yes. Ashamed? Why, of course not! We are just maximizing time in traffic.

Homework. Discussing assignments, term papers, other school projects. Time is important fir me and my daughter and we try to maximize our time while were together. Once our breakfast on the go is done she brings out her notes and we discuss her assignments or term papers and we go about how she can best answer these things. So far we’ve been successful achieving this one too. You can just imagine all the reading you can do in a two-hour traffic.

The Gamer. Other passengers, ti while away boredom due to traffic play ML, COC, candy crush, etc. I jist wish they keep it in silent…other people may be irritated with the noise.

The Music Lover. Others have their earphones or headphones glued their ear while you feek the beats blasting beside you

The teleserye/korean serye fanatic/moviefan.

Loverboy / lovergirl – They are the scene stealers duriNg the trip, it’s running 45degrees in Manila right now and yet they are acting like it’s 15 degrees below zero. Whew PDA!!!

The Vlogger – she’s always on the phone taking photos, smiling to her phone cam, goin on live and many other things

Chismosa. Her mouth opened as soon as she rode the jeep chatting her silly nothings away with her companion. And she magically does 150 words per minute. Rattling away the latest chismax from the office. Who is dating who or her opinion about so many things about herself. Everything is just about her and her pie-hole doesn’t rest until we finally reached Cubao to alight the jeep.

I went down and rode my 2nd jeep to Kamias. Till my next jeepney chronicles.

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