Bite my Soft Buns!!!

According to my mom, Honolulu is the place where I can probably find some of our relatives from my dad's side. Apparently the Jose's are one of the first Filipino settlers in Honolulu. Haven't really heard of them or met them or e-meet them even.....doesn't really matter. Because the Honolulu we are talking about is not in Hawaii or Hong Kong but here in Manila!!!

And it’s the Honolulu I’ve recently visited, and I only needed to get a Grab to get there – yup that’s HONOLULU HK CAFE located at the Ground Floor of Robinsons Place Manila. Very easy to find and the mall of course is pretty familiar to me as I used to work with the Ad & Promo Group of the Robinsons Malls when the Mall’s Marketing Team was still called Ad & Promo and just a tumbling away from St. Paul College of Manila (now called St. Paul University) where I graduated from back in the day. So it’s a cafe, so what makes them different from the rest of the cafe’s in Manila?

“They’ve got these deliciously crazy hot and soft buns that you would really love to sink you teeth into! Yeah I know, you were thinking about something else. I got you there, hahahaha. They really are so good, and very filling, comes in several flavors/variants and very affordable. A Bo Lo Bun depending on the flavor ranges from P50 to P70 per piece and sure is worth bite after every bite.

The Coffee Bo Lo Bun that had a coffee flavored crust on top that crumbles every bite. The second one was the Bo Lo Pork BBQ Bun that seemed like an Asado pao but had that sweet and 

salty crunchy top and it was filled with chunky and juicy pork bbq bits. Third was the Honolulu Bo Lo Bun with Butter. I actually thought that it was a slab of cheese, like when you put cheese in pandesal, apparently that was butter that really added texture and flavor. What you see on top is like “muscovado” sugar. It’s sweet but not too sweet. It was just right. I ordered Honolulu coffee to go with these as they were still preparing the rest of the dishes that we were to come next.

COFFEE BO LO BUN - P60.00 each
BO LO PORK BBQ BUN - P60.00 each

Honolulu HK Cafe is the original and oldest tea restaurant in Hong Kong, Milk Tea and Egg Tarts are just two of their many specialties.  I’ve tried their egg tarts and they are pretty good, it has a flaky tart shell / crust and a very rich custard. It is sold for only P50.00 a piece unlike the other egg tart here in the Metro that’s going to burn a hole in your pocket. The egg tarts are best matched with the Honey Lemon Tea, i preferred it be served hot. 

Honolulu HK Cafe Egg Tarts - P50.00 each

Founded in 1940, Hong Kong Honolulu Cafe serves its own blend of Honolulu coffee, Hong Kong ‘stocking’ milk tea, signature egg tart, ‘modern’ pastries, buns, Hong Kong-style fried noodles and is recognized as one of the most representative signature brands of the unique ‘Hong Kong Café’ dining concept. Behind each signature plate is the relentless pursuit of consistent quality and freshness.

I have already put together my favorites. First, is the Deep Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk. It’s lightly breaded and crunchy and has been coated with salted egg yolk. I can eat maybe 3 orders of this together with their Yang Chow Fried rice yum yum!! Can be shared, but what the heck, order your own 🙂

Deep Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk - P488.00 per serving
Stir Fried Flat Noodles with Beef
Soy Chicken

My next best favorite is the Stir Fried Flat Noodles with Beef. It’s like Char Quay Tiaw from another restaurant except for the beef. Best eaten hot while the noodles have not bonded together. This one is good to share.

My next best favorite is the Soy Chicken of course. I do make my own at home but Honolulu HK Cafe’s Soy Chicken is one of the best I’ve tasted. Comes with the ginger, and and spicy sauce. Best partnered with just steamed white rice. Their serving is quite a lot so yes, it is to share.

I have too many favorites in Honolulu HK Cafe, the other one I can think of is the Deep Fried Honey Garlic Spare Ribs. Could be for sharing but I choose not too, hahaha. The meat is tender and well coated with honey and drizzled with garlic. Very flavorful yet does not go overboard and again it goes well with their Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Deep Fried Honey Garlic Spare Ribs - 288.00 per serving

Honolulu HK Cafe Roasted Dishes…yum!!!

Honolulu HK Cafe in its original location in Hong Kong has withstood time and tide, imagine 70 years of development and growth. Who wouldn’t be an attraction for visiting gourmets from all over the world looking for that unique Hong Kong Café taste. The have a lot more to offer apart from the one’s i have favorited above that almost gave me a heartburn when we were about to leave the site. Great food and great service. Visit any of their two branches soon!!!
Honolulu HK Cafe. The restaurant is located in Robinsons Place Manila in Pedro Gil, Manila and SM Aura Premier, in BGC, Taguig.
For more information, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
Photos courtesy of Aileen Siwa of Lens and Beyond

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