Lagi na lang Kuya....... Lagi na lang!!

Not once, twice, but countless times have we been failed with this great Filipino favorite. I would understand if it were coming from my kitchen or my tita’s kitchen or a friend’s, but from a restaurant that has several branches, franchisees, and trained professionals who prepare your food and should have made sure it is restaurant grade.

C’mon you guys don’t make the excuse of “E kasi franchise yan, kaya ganyan…” Brand owners, do not let careless businessmen buy a franchise of your product/brand if they will not take full ownership of it and full responsibility! There are standards to be met, and people, customers to be pleased. Paying customers!

I have a pretty busy schedule and sometimes eating becomes second priority, but when I’m done with the rest of my stuff for the day, I would need to find something to nourish and satisfy my grumbling tummy. It should fill the need and the want of course without busting my pockets.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not angry, I just want to stress a point. Why? Because every paying customer who sits at your restaurant deserves to be fed properly, and we’re not even talking about ending World Hunger here, it’s even just about providing “properly prepared” food that is satisfying to the palate and the soul.

Some of the Kare-kare mishaps me and my family have gone through were: 1) The dish was served nice and hot, with steam coming out of it, bit then when you scoop out a piece of meat onto you plate and try cut it with your spoon and fork, YOU FAIL, because as it turns out, it’s FROZEN 2) The dish was served looking yummy, you were able to eat the gelatinous pork mask or whatever that part was, well, it wasn’t even an ox tail… then you scoop up other portions that you can’t even cut with your fork, what even with your incisors. 3) When you start browsing through the menu, and you start ordering giving the wait staff your best choices, and none of them are available!?? Anu ba eh magsara na lang kayo!!! Guys, stocks should be filled regularly especially the fast moving ones.. duh!!!

Busy people get hungry too! I tell you… and when we do get hungry we turn into monsters, like my daughter…. Tonight I craved for Kare-Kare and failed. But of course I still ate most of it and consumed a cup of rice with it, and chucked the un-gelatinous portions.

Really hoping things would improve with this restaurant group…I love their interior and initially their service and their other dishes. The rest is but a downward spiral. Wake up guys!!!!



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